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Presenting MvM Server!
« on: August 18, 2012, 12:49:27 AM »
We are now hosting 4 TF2 MvM servers! All of them are in USA so sorry Europeans. Our only servers in Europe are ones w/ 24 and 26 slots which do not meet MvM server requirements (32 slots).

I'll make it quick and post IPs.

PwnShop US #3 - Custom Normal Difficulty - IP: us3.pwnshopgaming.com:27017 NOTE: I modified waves on this difficulty. Some maybe a bit difficult but nowhere near as hard as expert difficulty.
PwnShop US #4 - Hard Difficulty - IP: us3.pwnshopgaming.com:27022
PwnShop US #5 - Custom Expert Difficulty - IP: us3.pwnshopgaming.com:27027 NOTE: I am modifying waves and various settings on this server so it may not be as "expert" as VALVe made it.

EDIT: Changed PwnShop US#1 to be regular server thus removing MvM easy difficulty and moved it to VDS (so #1 and #2 are now on VDS box). Moved #3 from VDS to my PC. Updated IPs.
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