Author Topic: (Not so) Scary Story I saw.  (Read 2045 times)


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(Not so) Scary Story I saw.
« on: June 16, 2012, 03:52:44 PM »
Is it silence where you are now, except for the whirring of your computer, or whatever your reading this on?

Good enough.

Tune out that noise.

Listen. Very carefully. To the noise within your ears.

Before you may have dismissed it as hissing static in your head, or a barely discernable noise of something else. But Iím telling you now itís not.

Itís your body warning you that theyíre here.


With their empty, black, over-sized sockets- pale skin stretched tight over them.

Fleshy talons, elongated bones, to scrabble at the flesh they seldom taste. They have no origin.

Very old, very slow
And very, very hungry.

Cursed to skulk with withered mouths the size of pin pricks and an appetite as collosal as mountains.

And you can sense them, because theyíre always there- they long to taste life theyíve never had- whether souls or flesh. Theyíre not picky.

But all they exist of are energy, and they barely exist in this realm, which is why most of the time we canít see them.

But your body knows theyíre there. You can hear their energy. In your ears now, in the silence.
Silence is good, because it means no disturbance to the energies.

When thereís no disturbance, thatís when they get through.
Silence is good.

For them.




Note: If you find anymore scary stories, tell me about them, I love a good 'ol scary story.
Sir Jolly