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Admin Applications / Re: Application for Admin Privileges on US Sever #5
« on: October 08, 2012, 01:22:29 AM »
I am getting an error saying I cannot add you, do you think you could try adding me instead?

     Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to apply for admin privileges on US Server #5, which is the server I mainly use for Mann vs Machine matches. I think that it could use an admin due to the fact I have not once seen one on the server, and that I frequently come across very ignorant users, or ones that have been afk for what seems like hours at a time.

    My Steam ID:

    My In-game Name (currently): [VA]Roboviper

    Referrer: None, as I said I never once came across an admin.

    Age: 14. Yup, I'm a young one.

    Admin Experience: I have little experience being admin, I was only a chat moderator for a while for a Steam Group, which I do not even remember the name of. I do believe however that I would make a good admin and grow to be a great one in time.

     Why I should be admin: As I am a frequent user of the server, I have come to notice quite a few things. One: There is on many occasions a rude or ignorant user, trying to boss people around, trying to threaten them to leave, or just complaining of their playstyle. Two: Sometimes there is a user who is afk taking up a slot that could be used to invite a friend. Three: In chat I notice that people are always trying to use pluggins which are not installed on the server, like !resizeme, !thirdperson, !robot. I believe that if I install any of the pluggins which allow these features, users will have a more entertaining experience and possibly will visit the server again.

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