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Admin Applications / [ACCEPTED] Admin Application
« on: September 07, 2012, 09:40:38 AM »
Username: fid99 (Thats my steam name)
Age: 18
Time zone: Western Time Zone.
Do you have a mic?: Nope, sorry its busted but im planning to get a new one.
Why do you want to be admin?: Becuse ive been on your servers, and just allmost seen this when no admins on: Kids spamming mics, yeah i know you can mute them but still, Abusive talk, racist talk and other stuff, and since i really like your servers and stuff, i want it to be clean of any of that.
Extra Information?: I may not have everytime to be and check any servers due to my swedish time, or Borderlands becuse i play thats allmost 24/7 but i can skip that and be on TF2 anytime you want me to. Also: Im swedish.

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