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October 14, 2012, 03:40:27 AM by Nite | Views: 382474 | Comments: 0

All PwnShop servers now have a supporter status feature!

What is supporter status? It's a status that is assigned by head admins to people who have proven to loyal to our community in 1 way or the other. This means that it can be a regular player or an active admin. This status is also given to those who donate to our server to help cover the costs.

What does a supporter status give? First of all, it does not give any game-breaking features like some other servers do. There are 3 supporter features which can all be given at once, or 1 by 1.

1. Ability to change weapon color - a minor feature. Changes color of the weapon. Downside: change is only noticeable from third person view mode.
2. Ability to change chat text color - a bit more noticeable. Player's chat text will be set to preset color that player chooses.
3. Ability to attach particles to head of model - as noticeable as chat text color but it depends. The list of particles isn't that large because we can not use custom particles with out jumping through through many hoops (thanks to Valve's way of precaching the particles, it is currently impossible to precache them through server).

As of this writing, supporter features are more or less finished. It is possible that I may find another feature to add to the list but as it stands that list of 3 features is complete.

Please note that players may or may not be given all features at once. It all depends on players' activity, attitude in general towards other players and admins and overall contribution to the server. If you feel you deserve to have supporter status, feel free to PM me and I will look into your history on the server.
August 18, 2012, 12:49:27 AM by Nite | Views: 21415 | Comments: 0

We are now hosting 4 TF2 MvM servers! All of them are in USA so sorry Europeans. Our only servers in Europe are ones w/ 24 and 26 slots which do not meet MvM server requirements (32 slots).

I'll make it quick and post IPs.

PwnShop US #3 - Custom Normal Difficulty - IP: NOTE: I modified waves on this difficulty. Some maybe a bit difficult but nowhere near as hard as expert difficulty.
PwnShop US #4 - Hard Difficulty - IP:
PwnShop US #5 - Custom Expert Difficulty - IP: NOTE: I am modifying waves and various settings on this server so it may not be as "expert" as VALVe made it.

EDIT: Changed PwnShop US#1 to be regular server thus removing MvM easy difficulty and moved it to VDS (so #1 and #2 are now on VDS box). Moved #3 from VDS to my PC. Updated IPs.
July 27, 2012, 02:56:31 AM by Nite | Views: 18378 | Comments: 3

We now have 3 servers. Two of which are in USA (NJ and IL) and one is in EU (most popular of three). You can join them by simply clicking on banners above. However, if you wish to know their IPs, here they are:
PwnShop EU (Modded using our plugin) -
PwnShop US@NJ (Modded using our plugin) -
PwnShop US@IL (Stock/Vanilla) -

We may have a new server coming up in Europe (this will put us at 2 servers in states and 2 in Europe) thanks to a friendly gaming community in Italy.

We also moved from HLStatsX to gameME. You can find our stats on URL.

Finally, I am in process of overhauling some parts of our plugin. I don't know when it'll be done but this is mostly for stability/optimization purposes. I will also develop a mini-plugin for the vanilla servers that we run that will only have few features which should not get in the way of vanilla settings.
July 10, 2012, 09:32:17 PM by Nite | Views: 16129 | Comments: 0

I have installed a CE (community edition) of HLStatsX on our PwnShop EU TF2 server! You can view them here!

Unfortunately, this uses my PC as a middleman (to parse actual in-game events) and send them to our site's database.

Seeing how server is located in Europe and I'm located in USA (east coast) there WILL be lag between stats. For that reason, I am thinking of disabling in-game stat notifications (would also reduce number of stat whores).

If you want more dynamic stats, feel free to donate $5 and I will rent for us. Until then, this will have to done.
July 02, 2012, 09:32:15 PM by Nite | Views: 15566 | Comments: 2

Been a while since I posted news...

Regardless, I have eliminated 90% of download (22mb~) that's been forced on our server. I've removed the music tracks that's been composed by a friend of mine. I will look into making them stream in background but as it stands music features on our server have been disabled.

Another quick update was made to supporter features. Those with supporter status can now color their name with preset colors. Not a huge addition but still kind of neat.

Unfortunately, there has been no other major changes done to code at this time. I don't know if or when I'll make any (such as adding a new game mode). Plugin will be fixed after TF2 updates to ensure server stability.
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